GoNoodle UK

GoNoodle UK

GoNoodle is essentially designed to boost productivity, improve behaviour, and build community. Accordingly, it expanded its services to UK and GoNoodle UK makes movement and mindfulness an integral part of the day at school and at home. GoNoodle UK at school improves the academic performance of the kids, enhance the behaviour and attention, and strengthens classroom cohesion. You can sign up at gonoodle.com for free and it offers useful and amazing technology that is easy to use, crazy engaging, and beautifully designed. You can get advantages with this tool and it turns screen time into active time, makes your home healthier, and creates a great family fun. 

GoNoodle Plus

GoNoodle Plus included question sets, more videos, learning extensions, school perks, and interactive learning games. The interactive learning games helps the users to move and play by covering the content from 100+ skills & topics and 17,000+ grade specific questions aligned with ELA, Math, Science, health standards, and social studies. Through learning extensions, 100s of downloadable activities and worksheets turn your favourite GoNoodle videos into engaging learning tools. Question sets offer personalize learning games with custom sets in order to meet specific curriculum requirements and student needs. 

You can pick from a library which included a full of sets or create your own questions to cover any topic. With an emphasis on academic content, it will double the amount of newly added videos. School perks included volume discounts, training and support, monthly usage reports to track teacher minutes, and improved school culture. GoNoodle Plus for schools subsumed boost academic success, improve school culture, and maximize instructional time. Students can play this game so that they can enhance their math scores and performance in reading scores. Without sacrificing instructional time, it gives students the activity they need. The schools which adapted this tool are happy and innovative places where students are engaged and love learning. 


GoNoodle Website UK Partners inspire and engage millions of kids to get moving. It inspires kids through custom branded content, valuable engagement reporting, and exclusive way to connect with children. The partners strive for improving health and academic performance of kids at unprecedented scale. You can take action on the connection between childhood health and learning with GoNoodle. More than 12 million kids move to learn with this online tool movement and mindfulness videos at school and home for every month. Over 40 industry leading healthcare organizations are joined under partnership with the organization. 

It inspires millions of kids through physical activities in the community. At both school and home, it drives consistent and measurable engagement everyday. GoNoodle UK reached the goal of 13% improvement in normal weight, 50% greater improvement in math score, and 23% greater improvement in reading scores. It has been inspired the kids to move more by engaging millions of 6 to 12 year old kids at school and home. With the purposeful movement, it converts classrooms and living rooms more comfortable to learn the skills very easily and effectively. With the collaboration of leading brands like Disney-Pixar, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, it inspires the kids to move more by creating a unique and exclusive opportunities for children.