GoNoodle Signup

GoNoodle Signup

GoNoodle Signup is free and it can only take a couple of moments. If you want to signing up through gonoodle.com, you can create a home account by clicking on Sign Up button and choosing either a kid or parent. Accordingly, you can create a user name very easily without any hassles. Kids should pick a username in a way that they should provide a valid information including a name, address, or phone number. In addition to these, user need to create a unique password which one that is easily remembered. If you want to put your parent's email address, you can make it so they can give permission to your account. Once you've created an account, you will be able to start playing activities of GoNoodle and customize your champ. 

Give Your Kid Permission

If kid has been signed up, they can request their parent's permission. Parents can easily manage their kids password and get in touch with updates in GoNoodle once kids' have been received permission from their parents. Kids can able to provide an email address when they signed up for sending a permission request email or else they can add an email address later. Using created username and password, kids' can log into their account. 

If they've not yet received a permission from gonoodle.com, they can click on ask my parents permission tab and add a parent email address and click the ask permission. If you've received a permission from a parent, you will get two confirmation emails including one is immediately after verifying and another one is on next day. These types of emails ensure that the parent and gave permission. You need not take any action on these emails and they are simply reminders to you. 

It does not require a kid to provide personally identifiable information for the child. It will ask the child to select a generic username, address, without reference to a last name, phone number, and much more. In addition to these, all information a kid provide is securely stored at gonoodle.com and it will never be shared to anyone. GoNoodle kids app for iPhone or iPad turns screen time into active time with hundreds of fun movement videos. This app facilitates an easier way for kids to get the activities like dancing, stretching, running, chillaxing, and more. 

It is perfect to start in the morning because it helps you to remove stress before homework or kids can get focus and calm as the day winds down. The benefits of GoNoodle Kids included family fun or kids-only, active screen time, and happy kids are healthy kids. It gives the entertainment to kids so that they crave and the added exercise they need. You can have a dance party and get the whole family moving or take some time to get things done while kids take control. The movements, smiles, and positive messages helps the kids to be their braviest, strongest, smartest, and bestest selves.