GoNoodle Plus

GoNoodle Plus

GoNoodle Plus is designed for your school to get access to the $1500 annually for unlimited students and teachers. If you want to get start with this service, you're required to submit the form which included your basic information like first name, last name, school name, city, valid email id, and postal code. GoNoodle Plus services has been involved question sets, interactive learning games, learning extensions, school perks, and more videos. 

Interactive Learning Games

You can play the games via gonoodle.com while covering the content from 100+ skills and topics and 17,000+ grade specific questions that are aligned with Science, Math, Social Studies, ELA, and Health Standards. 

Question Sets

With the use of custom question sets, you can personalize learning games to meet specific curriculum requirements and student needs. You can pick from a library to get access to the full of sets or create your own questions to cover any topic. 

Learning Extensions

Using learning extensions, this online tool is helpful for you to make the downloadable activities and worksheets to turn your favourite GoNoodle video into engaging learning tools. 

More Videos

By using videos, it doubles the amount of newly added videos with an emphasis of content. 

School Perks

You will gain advantages from GoNoodle Plus such as volume discounts, training and support, monthly usage reports to track teacher minutes, and improved school culture. 

How GoNoodle Plus helps students

The essential benefits of GoNoodle Plus for schools included boost academic success, improve school culture, and maximize instructional time. Without compromising on the instructional time, students can move and learn at the same time that gives students the activity they need. GoNoodle Plus Schools create a foster and innovative environment wherein students can engage and love learning. 

GoNoodle Plus for your own Classroom

No matter whether you're having a credit card or money, you can purchase GoNoodle Plus tool without any charges and trail for 30 days. If you like this tool after making a trail, you can upgrade it to an individual paid account through purchase order or else get your school to purchase a school-wide subscription. If you want to start a free trail, you need to consider the important points such as initially, click the plus button which is on the top menu bar, click the Green try plus free for 30 days button which is available in the center of the screen, and you can start a free trail now. Otherwise, if you want to upgrade it with your credit card, you can choose the Upgrade Now button to activate the tool. Once you've selected the upgrade button, you can able to select the payment option either monthly or annual. After that, enter your credit card information and it will automatically start to make a payment once your 30-day trail pack is over. You can purchase it through the payment with purchase order in which you need to scan and email a purchase order to concerned email id. You should make a note that GoNoodle Plus games are not able to work on mobile devices or tablets. These games are playable only on desktop or laptop.