GoNoodle on Youtube

GoNoodle on Youtube

Using YouTube channel, teachers can able to utilize videos to engage the classroom in healthy activity and these videos directly stream from YouTube but within the GoNoodle environment. So that students or class sees none of the distractions of visiting YouTube. 

How to keep custom YouTube videos on GoNoodle

Any YouTube videos will show up on gonoodle.com in every class you create. You should make a note that you will not loose any videos if you have been created multiple classes. You can create as many as classes you want through this online platform and can access same videos across those classes. GoNoodle on YouTube limits 75 custom videos and more than that amount can start to affect other functionality on the website. You can view how many videos you have by hovering your mouse over the tile on the main channels page. The tile will flip over and show you a count of the videos in that channel. If your account already having 75 videos, it will prompt you a message which contain remove some unnecessary videos and add more videos onto it. It will not have a way to organize your videos in folders or by type. 

They can be arranged in order from newest to oldest with a fixed order. GoNoodle on YouTube videos are presented to you with the help of YouTube channel and it may contain dismissible banner advertisements. Accordingly, GoNoodle has no control over curb these advertisements or the content therein. The content is dynamically served based on YouTube's and targeting service. The banner ads within the video play will be dismissed by simply clicking on X mark which is available on top right corner. The main aim is to keep this platform a school appropriate space. YouTube videos in GoNoodle are published for free usage based on third parties and it has no control over publishing settings of those videos. Accordingly, a publisher can change visibility permissions on these videos at any time or else remove from these videos permanently. 

If any of the YouTube videos are removed from gonoodle.com which means that video is no longer available to the users for free embedding owing to the changes made by publisher. For suppose, if your school restricts the YouTube videos, these videos will not play inside GoNoodle. Even though it is blocked the content of YouTube, you may continue to use more than 300 GoNoodle videos and activities. If it has been implemented the option of hide the content from YouTube in GoNoodle, you will not allow to see content and you won't access it.

How to Add YouTube videos to GoNoodle

Along with your favourite videos, you can add YouTube videos to your classes in GoNoodle and maintain same videos for every classes. The feature of customization allows you to add activities your class loves and earn credit for your champ while dancing along. Initially, you're required to access the online website youtube.com and navigate to the video that you'd like to add. In the second step, click the share tab below the video and copy the web address. Next, log into GoNoodle and choose the class to which you'd like to add. Click channels and select the YouTube channel and click add your own YouTube video button. In the final step, paste that web address in the first field and tag it with an activity type either energizing or calming.