GoNoodle Exercise

GoNoodle Exercise

GoNoodle Exercise activities help the students to do exercise instead of sitting down and play video games. So that, they can active during classes in a school or get focus on their studies more. GoNoodle Exercise videos included pump it up- fresh start fitness, full speed - fresh start fitness, blast off - fresh start fitness, Rock Out - fresh start fitness, and GoNoodle Kids App. It helps teachers and parents to get kids moving with short interactive activities. Including this, it offers desk-side movement that ensures to achieve more by keeping the students engaged and motivated throughout the day. 

GoNoodle Kids' App 

This app facilitates the exercise activities especially for kids through their mobile device which is very convenient and easier way to access the exercise activities. Additionally, it makes easier to get kids dancing, chillaxing, stretching, running, and more wherever you are with no extra equipment. These exercise activities can avoid the stress before homework or they can focus and calm throughout the day as the day winds down. 

More than 75% of elementary students in US uses this app during school timings. This app creates more fun on any mobile device in the sense that it can be accessible from anywhere no matter whether you're using Android or iPhone mobile device. The main advantages of kids app included family fun, active screen time, and happy or healthy kids. Through active screen time, kids can gain the entertainment they crave and added exercise they need. The movements, smiles, and exercise activities make the kids to be strongest, smartest, bravest, and bestest levels. 

Key Features

GoNoodle key features included free, fast, multiple classes, research based activities, and designed for long-term engagement. Students can create free account through gonoodle.com at any time and from anywhere and start using movement activities right away. The research based activities have been designed for students to be healthy for the body, engaging for the attention, and beneficial to the brain in particular ways. 

These activities can be done using exercise science and cutting edge research. The transition from listless to engaged in class and it takes no time to setup and you're required to just press the play button. The exercise activities motivate the kids to active and each class chooses a Champ wherein they can grow as the class earns points needed to advance to the next level. It can be easily set up so that each class has their own game progress, rewards, and Champ. 

For teachers who view multiple groups of kids each day, GoNoodle facilitates you to set up a group in a way that each class has their own exercise progress. It is designed for use in the classroom and it can be used by teachers and kids as well. Particularly, they need a computer with up to date browsers, a broadband internet connection, and a screen that all students can see a monitor or projector.