GoNoodle Dances

GoNoodle Dances

GoNoodle has been provided Plus games wherein kids can play the games with the application of physical activities like dancing and exercising. GoNoodle Dances involving the benefits for kids such as increase their brain activities, enhance the determination towards work, and better the participation in academic activities throughout the school day. 

Accordingly, Freeze It game is available at gonoodle.com that is a freeze dance and flash card style. Through this game, kids can dance around the room until music has been stopped and respond to a flash card and dance again. It contains grade appropriate content categories and it is presented in the style of flash cards which appear when the music freezes. You can choose from geography, math, science, emotions, colors, letters, or your own custom content. This game is available at GoNoodle Plus only and it can be accessed when you're the member of this tool. 

It helps the students to get healthy moderate exercise, use physical activity to engage your classroom, and review core-aligned concepts. It can be played whenever you want but it's better to play at the start or finish of a relevant lesson, as a start or end to the school day, and during natural transition times. This Freeze It dance can only be accessed through laptop or computer not using mobile devices or tablets. This type of dance activities can reduce the stress while at the same time stimulating brain activity and increasing the ability to concentrate. 

Reviewing core-aligned concepts through physical activities like dancing make the content memorable than normal study. Quick play instructions are included ask the students to stand and get ready to move, choose your freeze category, and students can dance when they hear music. After that, music stops automatically and question appears on the screen to answer. Kids need to answer the questions and click continue to start dancing again. You can play more activities through gonoodle.com and select a new freeze or get back to classwork. 

It contains grade appropriate content categories which appear when the music freezes. You need to make a note that all categories are not available for every grade students. Different types of content categories included emotions for grades K-5, geography for grades 3 to 5, colors for grades K-2, time for grades 1-2, subtraction for grades 1-2, division for grades 3-5, improper fractions for grades 4-5, letters for grades 1-2, mixed numbers for grades 4-5, and go, slow, and whoa foods for grades K-5. Emotions category of content helps the students to act out emotions that appear on the screen and learn about expressing specific emotions. 

Through colors category, they can identify colors and patterns and are asked to find an example of that color in their classroom. Reading category allows the students to read aloud the words and it develops the automaticity with sight words to practice decoding skills. In addition to these, you can customize it with your own customized question sets and playing with custom content opens up the game to infinite options.