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GoNoodle Content

GoNoodle provides you some activities and sponsored content that subsumes Airtime, Airtime: Space, Ultimate Champ Training, Flow, Go with the Pro, Blazer Fresh Lyrics, The GoNoodle Sponsor Promise and Activity Recommendations. The GoNoodle Content contains the Airtime where proper your bubble across the United States based on the practicing deep abdominal breathing. This Airtime game improves the focus and reduces the kid's stress. The teachers can play this game before a test or presentation, after recess or lunch and at the beginning of the class to reduce the stress by enhancing the kid's focus.

 Airtime is a stress releasing activity and when playing this game, the students practicing the deep breathing exercise. Here, the kids visit two new locations on the map and earn the postcard. Before starting this game, it will ask you to select the grade level and initiation location on the map. According to the chosen grade level and location, it will show you the map to visit two new locations. Now, you can earn the post cards by breathing exercise from your computer. Whether you want to delete your progress in Airtime, you can click the reset option and a message will give you the confirmation for your decision. 

The GoNoodle Flow leads the students in relaxing mindfulness activities to control the stress and create positive attitudes. In Flow, each exercise is designed with a focus to increase the positive attitude, behavior, and emotions. The Flow is particularly based on the mindfulness activities that are helpful for the students to overcome the negative issues very positively and they won't think about what worrying about or might happen for their lives. It encourages the students by following the audio and they will improve the self-management strategies outside the classroom. 

Whereas in the GoNoodle Plus, you can view other videos relevant to the mindfulness activities such as Begin Again, Chin Up, Swirling, Melting, Twist and Turn, Victorious, Weather the Storm, Bring it Down and From Mindless to Mindful. The tool provides you the Go With the Pro content in which you will train and race the way to a world championship. It gives the students vigorous physical activity and helps them to sharpen their focus. As a teacher, you can control the Go with the Pro using arrow keys on the keyboard to motivate the students. 

You can click the UP arrow to increase the class ranking and Down arrow for decreasing the ranking. Ultimate Champ Training is specifically designed for the exercise purpose to activate your body as well as your mind. Through this game, you will explore the health-related trivia and participate in the fun exercise to flex your muscles. It subsumes over 900 health trivia questions and they categorized into 12 sections. You can customize the questions on GoNoodle Content as well. It provides three categories for free users such as Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Personal Hygiene. For GoNoodle Plus users, it offers you nine categories which are Cyber Safety, Water, Sun Safety, Being Safe, Cold and Flu Prevention, Cooperation, and Friendship, Bullying Prevention, etc.