GoNoodle Characters

GoNoodle Characters

GoNoodle Characters allow to access the services using students' account which included username and password.Whether your child select a username that won't be memorable or just typed the characters randomly into a field. In this case, they can easily edit the username when you're logged in. For choosing a username, you're required to follow the steps included click menu button, account settings, type in the numbers shown on the security pop-up, click edit next to the username, and type the new username that you want. While selecting the username, you will be notified if the selected username is already existed. You should make a note that username must be in unique way. 

Once you've completed the setting of username through gonoodle.com, you can click on save changes button. You can also play the games at GoNoodle in order to improve your learning skills and better the academic skills. Whereas in the game of Mega Marathon, students need to do jog in place along with the characters on the screen. After students have started jogging, Mega Marathon provides you a math question. In this game, you're required to read aloud the question or let the students to read the question. 

GoNoodle at School

GoNoodle online platform included sign up and log on, classes and champs, account management, recommendations, troubleshooting and tech tips, and content. Specifically, it is designed to be easy to use and quick to setup. Here, you may need to meet some requirements initially to access the gonoodle.com. The basic requirements are involved a computer that runs on a modern browser and updated flash, a broadband internet connection without any network blocks, and a screen that should viewed by all students in a class. 

The supported browsers for GoNoodle included Google Chrome 60 and above, Safari 9 and above, Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, and Firefox 55 and above. For the best experience, it is recommended to use the most up-to-date browser on your computer. If you want to access every activities on gonoodle.com, you must enable the cookies which allows you to access the services and provides you best experience. If you want to play the games or videos, your computer should have Adobe Flash Player. If you're using updated Adobe flash player and still cannot view videos or multimedia, your network firewall block flash or video content that you want to access. To access the videos and games, high speed broadband connection is required. 


Through this online program, you can create as many classes as you want for each of the unique groups of students. Each class has its own progress and it included total minutes, champ and champ progress, grade, student account, progress in each of the game, and favorites. With your new students, you can create a new class and start with a clean state of fresh champs. You can change your personal details including password, username, school, and more. Account management activities subsuming reset your password, update your school, update your email address, unsubscribe from emails, and delete your GoNoodle account.