GoNoodle Champs

GoNoodle Champs

Champs are playing an important role in motivation system of GoNoodle. While playing an activity with your students, you help grow your champ. When you grow a Champ completely, you will get to choose a new one through gonoodle.com.

How to Grow a Champ

GoNoodle Champs included different levels and grow up for every 10 activities. Based on your completion of every activity, your progress meter will increase automatically. Once your progress meter fills up, the champ will grow. During this process of growing, each champ levels up 4 times. If you've gained maximum out a champ, you can earn an award that you can print and hang in your classroom or give it your students. Once you completed the grow level of a champ, you can view the award immediately and it will also send an email to you for future purposes. You can choose a new champ to grow or replay once you've grown previously. You can consider different tips for using champs which included involve your students in the process of choosing their first champ when creating a new class, be ensure that read the greetings with the class because your champ will say something different each time when you visit gonoodle.com, and toggle between the champ saying and the progress bar. Without graduating, there is not a way to change a champ. If you want to change a champ, you should either complete a champ or create a new class.

Print Champ Certificates

Champ certificates can be printed out beautifully and look great. If you're set to receive email notifications, you can get emails from GoNoodle but all teacher users can also access the certificates from inside your account. Accordingly, you need to click on the menu icon at the top left on the screen to open the sidebar menu and click the champ collection link. The graduated champs will be shown and your current champ will also be viewed. After that, you can click on the champ who's certificate you want to print and click print award to print the certificate. The champ collection is a class specific and you will only view the completed champs in the class you're currently using. If you've maxed out champs in multiple classes, you're required to switch classes to see each class's completed champs. 

Personalized Champs

With the website of GoNoodle, kids can able to create and personalize their own champs. It gives a chance to make their champs into reflections of themselves and their wackiest, wildest, and most confident kid dreams using personalized champs. Customized champs are a home only experience and home users do not have access to the school champs. Ultimate Champ training is giving you a fun way to explore important health and wellness concepts with students. Before an exercise is performed, your class must answer a true or false health trivia question during every session of the play. The objectives included get a quick burst of vigorous exercise anytime, practice listening skills and creative interpretation as you follow Terry's instruction, and explore healthy topics through age-appropriate health trivia.