GoNoodle Activities

GoNoodle Activities

GoNoodle Activities helps learning brains do their best. As it was gearing up for testing seasons, it provides drilling questions, practice tests, and facilitates better opportunities for students with its fierce and focused GoNoodle Activities. It is an extraordinary way to boost brain power, aid in subject transitions throughout the day, and helps the students to focus their attention on content work. 

Accordingly, it has been included top 5 activities in order to help the students to stay focused on their work which are Around the town with Maximo, Dance dance dance with Zumba kids, Chillax with Koo Koo Kangaroo, Victorious, and get loose and shake your crumbs. Challax with Koo koo kangaroo is very useful for students to loosen up and overcome the stress. It is a fun video that they can move and sing based on the activities. 

Before beginning the practice assessment, students can go for Around the town with Maximo for relaxation. Get loose and shake your crumbs is also another fun way to focus on their study and they can take longer break through this activity after taking assessment. Victorious mainly designed to ensure the students to feel confident and it can be taken in the midst of testing stress. Dance with Zumba kids allows the students to participate in dance parties for celebrating the hard work with Zumba kids. 

How to Find and Navigate Activities

It has been provided several methods to navigate and find GoNoodle activities and each is accessed from the navigation bar at the top of gonoodle.com. Discover button helps you to find new activities and recommendations according to your preferences and you can refresh it on a weekly basis. You can browse the GoNoodle library by purpose or benefit of content through its available categories. Based on the artist of the content, you can browse the activities very easily without any hassles. Through Plus button, you can know more about GoNoodle Plus or find features or content in one place. You can also access a list of videos that you curate and you can search by keywords for advanced filters of activities. 


It is the primary place when you've logged into gonoodle.com and it is a dynamic page that allows you to make changes with how you use this online tool and is updated weekly to feature fresh and timely activities. At the bottom of the web page, you can find Pick for Me button which helps you to select a random video from GoNoodle library. 


All activities included different categories by purpose or benefit such as mindfulness, curricular, movement type, school life, and sensory and motor skills. These categories subsume activities from multiple channels. 


GoNoodle Channels are collection of activities which are organized by artist. You can click on any channel name in order to view all activities in a specific channel. Additionally, favourite activities allow you to create a list of your class favourite and you can access them whenever you want with one click. 


Based on a keyword, you can search for library contents for getting the benefits of advanced filters for duration and energy level. You can search for any combination of the keywords like lyrics, category, name of video, channel, subject matter, or lyrics.