GoNoodle makes movement and mindfulness an integral part of the day at school and at home. It provides the hundreds of videos that activate your kid's minds and bodies. GoNoodle makes every moment better that includes morning meeting, living room dance parties, daily subject transitions, indoor recess, afternoon math, etc. With the GoNoodle tool, you can improve your kid's intelligence and activities at the school or at home. If you implement the GoNoodle tool at the school, you can enhance your kid's behavior and attention, better academic performance and strengthen the classroom cohesion.

Similarly, the GoNoodle at your home provides the benefits like it creates great family fun, makes your home healthier and turns screen time into active time. The GoNoodle tool is an amazing technology to active the kid's brains and it obvious that your kids will like it owing to its easier to use, beautiful design and crazy engaging. In order to get the more movement, more mindfulness, and deeper learning, GoNoodle Plus was invented which subsumes the hundreds of ways to make the learning activities that include any subject, any topic, and any standard. GoNoodle Plus is the game changer for the class rooms by getting students up and moving when practicing the math, vocabulary, and spellings. In this way, the tool makes the class room more exciting.

GoNoodle Plus

It is the platform or tool for more learning including mindfulness and deeper learning. GoNoodle plus takes the student to a new level by providing the engagement, behavior, and achievement. In the GoNoodle Plus, the exclusive activities included the deep-content which is designed for school year-long play, valuable reporting, and core subject-aligned videos & games. Accordingly, the GoNoodle Plus improves the listening skills of the students. Not only the listening skills, it focuses on the improved attitude toward schools and exercise. It will help in keeping the children's minds active and body fit. With the use of GoNoodle Plus, 92% of the teachers agree that the body and brain exercises of their children which can help them to succeed in their core subjects. 

Based on the GoNoodle Plus tool, you can gain the benefits for your kids at the school such as channel kid energy and stimulate learning, body and brain exercises for your kids and enough content for the entire school year. Through the channel kid energy and stimulate learning, your kids at the school will participate in a variety of activities that include fitness and mindfulness exercises without going out from the classroom. These activities are wiggles out for five minutes and again, they easily refocus on the studies on their subjects or topics. 

It also provides the body and brain exercises for kids which mainly works on the core subjects to create highly repayable movement activities. Accordingly, the activities will develop the kid's memory and get the proficiency in the skills of solving the math problems. Along with these, the kid's will enhance their skills in spellings and vocabulary so that they perform better in their academic studies. The GoNoodle Plus activities subsume a ton of unique content for a school long-year period. It provides you the 6000+ questions on Mega Math Marathon, customizable word lists in body spell and 13 different categories. Finally, it's better to join in the GoNoodle plus because it restores the movement to kids for their daily lives activities.

Additionally, the tool continuously focuses on serving their products very efficiently and it always fun, purposeful and age-appropriate. You can tune for some of the provided great channels by the GoNoodle and they are Blazer Fresh, Moose Tube, Amp Your Champ, Maximo and Champ Harmonics.

GoNoodle Partnership

If you want to sponsor the opportunities or making a partnership with the GoNoodle, you can inspire the kids by custom branded content, valuable engagement reporting and a unique & exclusive way to connect the children very easily. Through this GoNoodle Partnership, you can engage millions of kids while restoring the movement in their lives. Truly, the GoNoodle tool is one of the fastest growing kids brands, inspires, measures and rewards the kids whether elementary or high-school while providing the fun videos and games in the classroom or at home. GoNoodle engages 12 millions kids for every month. If you have the unique idea to inspire or make the movements for kids, you can directly sign-up for free with your unique content. So that, you are one of the reasons to motivate or improve the skills of the kids. 

With your unique content, the kids get more benefits in improving their skills because of the custom branded content, analytics, and reporting. The countless recent studies have proven that the increasing the kid's physical activity automatically improves their skills in brain activities and body fitness. In order to create exclusive unique offers and connect with the children and families, the company has a relationship with the leading brands like Disney Pictures, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network to engage the millions of kids by providing the more fun videos. Through the GoNoodle Tool, the kids will surely improve their skills through the physical activities. Accordingly, it expanded their services to all 50 states and 175 countries by delivering the billions of minutes of physical activity. It reaches the unrivaled engagement with the kids.

GoNoodle Feedback & Support

With the option of feedback & Support, you can search for the queries relevant to the services of the GoNoodle. Before that, you just go through the available information on the online site gonoodle.com feedback & support section. From which, you can get to know the general information about GoNoodle, account management, Classes and Champs, trouble shooting and tips, recommendations, GoNoodle Plus, GoNoodle Content, GoNoodle Songs, Gonoodle on YouTube, FAQ, etc. Through the general information, you can get to improve your views on GoNoodle by getting into the basics of navigating and find activities, parent letter, favorite an activity, extras and printables and content standards. Based on navigating and find activities article, you will be able to understand how you need to make the extensive research on GoNoodle to gain the more facilities. 

Accordingly, you can use the navigation bar at the top of the home page to find the activities when browsing on the online site. When you log in to the account on GoNoodle, you can view the first place is discover option which is a dynamic page that changes how you use the GoNoodle. From this discover page, you can search for the activities you may not have played before by clicking the pick for me. The next section is categories which contain activities fall into five main topics Sensory and Motor Skills, Mindfulness, Curricular, Movement Type and School LIfe. These activities will span more channels and click one of your interesting activities to know the detailed information about the channels. Channels consist of activities that are organized by series. 

Here, if you may think that dance with Zumba kids, you can directly select the Zumba Kids Channel. To know the channel activities, you can click on the channel name and hover your mouse on the channel to get the brief description about the specific channel. Additionally, you can consider the search button where you will be able to find your favorite activities by name, channel or category within a couple of moments.

Sign Up and Log On

When you signing-up as a teacher on GoNoodle, it will ask you to select the school which helps to connect the group teachers together geographically. The finding of school search included the data of National Center for Education Statistics and some of the schools outside of the United States of America. While you are searching for your school on GoNoodle and if it will not appear on the list. The company will automatically add your school name to its database. When you finding the school name and if it will not find out on the existing list, you can follow the below recommendations such as:

You are required to search the phrase including your school name plus city name where the school is situated. For example, if your school name is Eastside, you can search for the Eastside Nashville instead of simply write the Eastside on the toolbar. Because it will reduce the filter results and shows your school name on the top list. 
Whether you know the ZIP code for your school, you can directly enter the zip code no need of your school name. According to the entered ZIP code, it will show you the finest results that include a minimum number of schools and you can easily select your school. 
For suppose, you may not get your school by searching with its name initially and try it again by leaving the abbreviations. In explanation to this, if your school name is Scales Elementary School, you can search for Scales without typing the whole name as Scales Elementary School.

If you didn't find your school name on the list, you can click the I don't see My School button to add the school name. Here, you need to indicate your school name, ZIP code and mention whether it is public or private. Finally, the company will attempt one last chance to identify your school from the custom data that you have entered. Still, if you find that your school doesn't appear on the suggestions, you can add your custom school.

GoNoodle's Account Management

Using account management option, you can keep on your personal details like password, email, and school, etc. Based on the account management, you will be able to do some activities such as reset your password, update your email address, update your school, unsubscribe from emails and delete your GoNoodle Account. Sometimes you might be forgotten your password or you want to change your password due to the security purposes. In this case, you can request for the new password link or change the password while logged-in for your account. You can request a new password from the inside of your account. Or else, you can update while logged-in wherein you need to click the menu button in which select the account settings. 

Later, click edit email and password, enter a new password in the change password field. Thereafter, click the save changes for enabling your account with a new password. Accordingly, you can update your school name also from the account settings section where you need to click the edit school. Now, pick a different school and click the confirm button to update the details of your school on GoNoodle. In a similar manner, you can change your email address and delete the account from GoNoodle.

Troubleshooting and Tech Tips

Predominantly, GoNoodle is designed for easier to use and quick to access the services like fun videos for your kid's physical activities that can help them to improve the skills in learning. But, you may need to follow some technical requirements for proper accessing the services rapidly. The requirements included the computer should run on a modern browser and updated flash, broadband connection without network block, etc. GoNoodle supports the browsers only like Google Chrome 56 and above, Safari 9 and above, Internet Explorer 11 and Edge and Firefox 49 & above. It's recommended to use the up to date browser only to get high-level of experience on GoNoodle. 

If you are out-of-date, update your browser to access the services without any hassles. Your computer should constitute the Adobe Flash Player to play the videos, games and other multimedia. Please, ensure that the adobe flash player should be in updated version. Even though you are using the updated version of adobe flash player, you could not get the videos properly. For this situation, your network firewall may block flash or video content.

More Services

Additionally, you can search for the job opportunity in the GoNoodle if you have the skills to inspire the kids or unique idea. With the assistance of GoNoodle, you can grab the opportunity to involve in the providing of fun videos to kids at the school or home so that the kids will enhance their body fitness and skills. The GoNoodle available on the online site gonoodle.com, mobile and set-top box applications, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc. GoNoodle is created based on the idea of engaging the kid's physical activities by providing the fun videos at the school and at the home. 

The accessing of the videos from the GoNoodle means your personal details will be shared on the official website. The privacy of your's information, as well as the privacy of your children details, are much more important. In order to inform you how the company uses your information, how it shares to others when you use the online site, etc. through the privacy policy. The GoNoodle company develops the privacy terms and conditions according to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Whether you have signed-up as an educator, child or parent, the company used to collect your information. 

How GoNoodle Collects the Information from Educators, Children, and all other Users

During educator registration process, the company will collect the first name, last name, ZIP code, email address, user name, date of birth, password and which school you are teaching or use the GoNoodle. When a child registrations, it will gather a username and password where a child can unlock the obtaining of parental verification. In the parental verification, the GoNoodle will send the verification email to the entered parent's email address that can be used to check the GoNoodle's children account. According to this procedure, parent's email address will get the notifications from the company about their privacy policy terms, send the communication details about their child's account and features of the online website, etc. 

If the parent doesn't check his/her children's account within 10 days, the email address will automatically delete from the GoNoodle's database. While device activation also, it collects the information. When the user activates the application on a device, it will gather the information which subsumes parent email address, country, vendor ID and zip code. The activation is not completed until the parental verification is obtained to the company. The parent's email address is used for the company to obtain the device information. Accordingly, the company will notify the parent in a way that their privacy policy terms and conditions, child's GoNoodle account, etc. 

The email address will be deleted from the system when the parent doesn't confirm the device activation within 10 days of the period. When the user registers for GoNoodle or accessing the services of the tool through a web browser or mobile device application. The company will automatically collect your device ID and type of mobile device that you have used to login to the GoNoodle's account. With the collected information, the company provides the web pages with an enhanced online experience based on the optimization of the web pages for your PC or mobile device. You can get the benefits from GoNoodle whether you are using the web browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 

The company used to collect your web browser data that includes the type of browser, type of operating system whether you are using Mac or Windows and domain name of your internet service provider. This gathered non-personal information will help for developing the utilization of the online data of the GoNoodle tool. The company may use the cookies, flash-cookies and other technologies to collect your non-personal information. Generally, the cookies do not constitute any personally identifiable information. You can make control over the cookies because it allows you to erase the cookies from your computer hard drive, receive a warning before a cookie is stored, etc. So that, you can easily block the cookies or allow them to access your information. If you turn-off the cookies to accept your non-personal information, the company will not provide all the information relevant to the online site services and some of the features that make you get the smoother experiences.

How GoNoodle Uses the Collected Information

The collected information helping to understand the general location of the users by keep track on the activities. So that, the GoNoodle will take the actions immediately to improve their activities including the providing of more fun videos or any other improvements in the easier access of the provided information by the company. The company may use the parent's email address to communicate with them for notifying the updates of the site and the activities of the GoNoodle that may increase the interest in them. At any time, the parents may opt out of the GoNoodle's communications. 

The company will not share or exchange the personal information to any seller or any other entity excluding other below circumstances such as changes to business and legal requirements. In order to get your non-personal information, the company combined with the third-party seller which usually collects the non-personal information by using cookies and other similar technologies. In this case, the company may share your personal information if needed and the third-party company discloses your information from unauthorized access of the users. During legal requirements, the company may reveal your information in order to respond the claims and legal procedures.

Account Deletion

When you want to delete your account or children's GoNoodle account, you can send the email to support@gonoodle.com. Once you deleted your account or children's account, the information will permanently delete and can not be recovered again.

How the users can Access, Update and Delete their Personal Information

You can access or review your personal information, correct it or delete the personal information by writing the email to hello@gonoodle.com. You need to ensure that the entered details should include your name, email address and phone number to contact you for further assistance. Before granting the permission to access the personal information, the company will take reasonable steps to verify your account.

The privacy policy of GoNoodle will change time to time so that it's better to review the changes on time which can help you to get the better services. Once changes have been made on the GoNoodle site, they are applied instantly. If any changes occurred on the material changes to the collection, use or sharing of the children's personal information, etc. the company send the notifications to parent's email address which is provided during the registration process. The personal information will not send or share to any other promotional materials unless you so request.